Shield Software development delivers full-cycle desktop/mobile application solution, branding projects, infrastructure maintenance and compatibility updates.



We develop of powerful, one-of-a-kind software per case, intended to meet our partners’ unique demands. Our skilled specialists plan, develop and deliver custom solutions that compliment our partners’ services and needs – while staying within time and budget limits. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we offer ongoing maintenance and compatibility updates.


From additional features to pre-developed products to full-cycle custom software development, our experienced team will deliver cost-effective and reliable software solutions that fits perfect with your unique requirements and vision.


We combine deep knowledge and vast expertise with complex enterprise solutions of both small, medium and tier-1 corporates to deliver the best in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and similar software development projects.
We help corporate clients to enhance and optimize their business processes that connect internal and external clients, various applications and data sources and demand an all inclusive solution to wrap them all under one smooth interface.


Our full scope service allows our clients to accelerate their business processes, eliminate ineffective routine operations, enhance data validity and reduce buffers across data sources, applications and remote locations.
Analysis and Consulting
We provide a set of pre-project analysis services to ensure a clear vision, integration, transparent and lean budget and reasonable deliverable targets, optimal technology choice and security concepts.

Our team is experienced in developing mobile applications with advanced, complex and highly performance functionality; creating mobile applications as companions to web-based applications; extending and integrating legacy applications to mobile; and even reverse-engineering existing mobile applications for better performance, inclusion of new features and greater functionality.

Our expert mobile application developers follow the latest developments in mobile technologies and tools to keep up with advancements in consumer and enterprise mobility, thus ensuring you with the best to date technology available, scalable and sustainable to maintain long term product strategy.

Our QA department is dedicated to testing various software, web and mobile applications against all relevant rules and regulations. Our experts do their best to make your projects operate flawlessly. Every idea of yours will be incorporated in a final product according to all the requirements and specifications.

We deliver stand-alone and integrated testing services to various customers from software product startups to larger corporations, offering supreme quality assurance through deep understanding of your business goals and applications.

QA Consulting – Documented analysis of the project quality assurance needs and requirements.

Full-Cycle QA – From the requirement analysis through the development, implementation and maintenance of solutions

Software Testing – Web, desktop, mobile applications and server-side systems – we take all platforms through unique and thorough quality assurance testing funnel for best results.


Our software development oursourcing service portfolio is built to address companies that are in need for FULL TIME professional/s to act as their dedicated software development staff, yet at a fraction of the cost of localy lhired talent.

We help none technical companies, ambitious start ups as well as long term established corporates maintain lean and effective teams worldwide, covering multiple talents and knowledge, various time zones and skills – to maximize their potential, talent, development time and budget.

Our company focuses on developing high-end web applications both for the internet and for intranet. We strive to find the optimum solutions for our clients, making sure that even our most complex apps are easy to use.

Our web application development services help organizations build web applications to serve a variety of business needs: from departmental and line-of-business applications to highly scalable consumer applications.

We provide a user friendly, well-designed web applications that meet the clients specific business needs, are highly scalable and built using established frameworks, tools, and time-tested processes


If you are looking for a robust, scalable and secure software design that uses .NET development best practices, our company can help. Our team of experienced programmers can enable your next .NET software development initiative across:

ASP.NET Web Development, .NET Migration Services, .NET Professional Services and more!

We have had great success utilizing Microsoft.NET with leading 3rd party technologies to deliver amazing software products and applications.

Our team utilizes multiple technologies addressing each aspect of the development, including C# & VB.NET, JS, Node.js, JQuery, AJAX, HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap, DevExpress, Web Forms, ASP.NET and more.


Our team will quickly and cost-effectively migrate or re-engineer your existing software for scalability and ease of maintenance, or alternatively suggest a full scope brand new development if needed.

Google Android is a remarkable platform for creating powerful and compelling applications for today’s Android mobile devices. The Android operating system’s flexibility and richness of features have made it one of the most popular mobile platforms for tapping the global mobile app market. Organizations have the opportunity to leverage the popularity of mobile computing and create dynamic mobile applications for their customers.

Our app development team knows how to generate value through Android apps and maximize returns on your Android app investment via consumer facing models or internal business conversion goals.

Our experience spans across multiple verticals such as:

  • Business productivity apps
  • CRM and Sales force mobility
  • Mobile Commerce (mCommerce) apps
  • Gaming, Leisure and Social apps
  • Multimedia mobile solutions
  • Communication apps
  • Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi apps

Our intuitive interfaces are designed for an effortless, enriching user experience and our robust mobile platforms are tested on multiple Android devices by trained experts

We leverage vast C++ experience and expertise to build, scale, sustain and improve software products and applications.

Our team has experience leveraging C++ for numerous verticals and industries, covering network applications, security and privacy software, advanced media tools, CRM and CMS platforms on both Windows, Linux and web based products.


Our deployment protocols provide a safe turn-key solution and assure our clients with the best C++ product delivery, on time, within budget!

Our customers have relied on our understanding and expertise of Java technologies supported with a commitment to keeping up with the ever changing Java technology landscape. We help our clients choose the right Java architecture; following tried and tested approaches to build robust and scalable Java applications

We have  developed a repository of best practices for Java development – including norms and standards on user interface techniques, caching and resource management, performance tuning, debugging, testing and web services. These practices help to ensure successful completion of your Java development project with no time and cost over-runs – or adverse impact on software quality.

Being one of the most popular programming languages for dynamic web applications, robust and scalable, PHP is commonly used by our team alongside MySQL, Linux and Apache, to present an effective alternative to commercial software development platforms for building and running dynamic and high-performance web applications.

We offer a complete A>Z service, including PHP Web Development, Application Development, PHP Porting and Migration, and outsourced full-time professional services.

Our Ruby on Rails team excels at delivering professionally designed web-based solutions in keeping with minimized project timelines and lean budgets.

We use Ruby meta-programming techniques and have versatile experience implementing frameworks for interactions with third party services.

Our intensive QA process and vast usability experience enable us to create a code based platform and infrastructure that are easy to maintain, improve and scale.