Shield Software development delivers full-cycle desktop/mobile application solution, branding projects, infrastructure maintenance and compatibility updates.


Shield Software Development has been established in 2014 and holds offices in Novi-Sad, Serbia, serving a long client portfolio from the United States, France, Norway, Israel, India, Brazil and more.

Our clients are managed by a dedicated project manager to analyze their needs and current technological standpoint, plan their product from scratch, and plot out the project’s milestones to make sure we are keeping it within time frames and budget as needed.


We believe we can deliver the top-notch service and technology you need, at a fraction of the cost. be it a one time project or ongoing outsourced specialist position – Shield Software Development is your only lean-and-effective complete-solution provider!


  • Integrity – Our service is designed to solve problems, address technical needs and reduce technical barriers that you might be facing, and as such, our products and solutions are pinpointed to solve very specific needs, in a straight forward, simple manner.

    • Focus – We keep our software lean and targeted! Our solutions do not over-feature unneeded extras – assuring you a direct solution to your specific need without unneeded complications, nor cost.

      • Simplicity – Our developed software packs professional grade power and performance in a friendly, fully automated interface, allowing you to enjoy super sophisticated algorithms without understanding 1 line of code!.


      We develop of powerful, one-of-a-kind software per case, intended to meet our partners’ unique demands. Our skilled specialists plan, develop and deliver custom solutions that compliment our partners’ services and needs – while staying within time and budget limits. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we offer ongoing maintenance and compatibility updates.

      We combine deep knowledge and vast expertise with complex enterprise solutions of both small, medium and tier-1 corporates to deliver the best in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and similar software development projects.

      Our software development oursourcing service portfolio is built to address companies that are in need for FULL TIME professional/s to act as their dedicated software development staff, yet at a fraction of the cost of localy lhired talent.

      We provide a professional design service. Our designers will tailor the design to your services and will make sure the outcome is to your liking.

      Our company focuses on developing high-end web applications both for the internet and for intranet. We strive to find the optimum solutions for our clients, making sure that even our most complex apps are easy to use.

      Our QA department is dedicated to testing various software, web and mobile applications against all relevant rules and regulations. Our experts do their best to make your projects operate flawlessly. Every idea of yours will be incorporated in a final product according to all the requirements and specifications.

      Our team is experienced in developing mobile applications with advanced, complex and highly performance functionality; creating mobile applications as companions to web-based applications; extending and integrating legacy applications to mobile; and even reverse-engineering existing mobile applications for better performance, inclusion of new features and greater functionality.